Strength Coach


Sean grew up in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He is a lifelong athlete who played four years of baseball at Harvard College, and locally at St John’s Prep. Following his studies and athletic career, he spent three years working and traveling, with extended stays in Europe, Brazil, and Australia playing semi-professional baseball, training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, participating in work exchanges, and sampling the local beers. Upon return, and following a stint of working in the corporate world, he welcomed a migration toward strength and conditioning/personal training.

His primary interest in the field was initially motivated in high school by athletic endeavors but over time became increasingly interested in the way training can change us.  He has found that the gym offers us an environment and platform upon which we can grow both internally and externally, through the physical and mental challenges demanded of us. He believes the gym offers community, social cohesion, and collective effort that is fundamental to our human nature, but is difficult to find in our modern world. For these reasons, the gym offers an opportunity for people to change their lives and that is the type of work and environment that he wants to be a part of. 

He is currently studying and practicing for his massage therapy license with the intent of pursuing a career that mixes together movement, strength training, and bodywork.

He has earned the following certifications/trainings:

  • CrossFit Level 1