Iron Village is a strength and conditioning facility located north of Boston in Beverly, MA. Our focus is functional and sport-specific training for both athletes and non-athletes alike in an environment that is both supportive, and challenging. It is built upon an ethos of hard work, a willingness to suffer, and commitment to overcoming self-imposed limitations. Strength, both physical and psychological, will result for those committed to completing the work we set forth. 

The training we conduct involves a diversity of movements and equipment geared toward meeting the objectives of the individual and/or the sport-specific goals of the athletes we train.  

We offer both one-on-one as well as group training sessions. The group sessions are limited in size to ensure quality movement standards are met and maintained. 


  • Provide a challenging and goal-oriented experience
  • Maintain integrity and authenticity
  • To provide passion, motivation & accountability
  • To provide high end customer service


Our training, programs, and educational resources are scientifically designed to meet the goals and needs of our members. We are here to help members achieve results and reach optimal levels of performance. Through cutting-edge, functional exercise, we will assist members improve all aspects of their, nutrition, mindset, and overall lifestyle.