1 on 1

If you want personalized attention and customized programming with one of our qualified coaches, then 1-on-1 training might be for you. Our coaches will motivate you and hold you accountable with goal setting and consistent feedback. If you are a beginner or someone with unique needs (injury, rehab, sports-specific, etc.) then come in to learn more about our private training. Sessions typically last 45-60 minutes

RATES for 1 on 1:
1 session         $90
12 sessions     $960 ($80 per session)
24 sessions     $1,680 ($70 per session)

2 on 1 & 3 on 1 

Semi private training is done with a small number of members (from 2-3) and one trainer. While the group may be performing a similar program and routine, the exercises will be customized (progressed or regressed) to meet the needs of each member. This training is great for friends, co-workers, or small groups who want to train together, challenge each other, & get results together.


RATES for 2 on 1:
12 sessions $1,200 ($100/session - $50/person)
24 sessions $1,920 ($80/session - $40/person) 

RATES for 3 on 1:
12 sessions $1,440 ($120/session - $40/person)
24 sessions $2,160 ($90/session - $30/person)